Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy Monday! We have been working hard on classroom rules and routines and *finally* seem to be getting into a groove. Here is a quick snapshot of what we have been working on...

 In math, we have been building fact fluency. We have been adding each strategy as we go to our anchor chart:

We used Reagan Tunstall's great resource for "Making 10"
It is a great way to give kiddos hands on practice compliments of 10. We explained the procedure and expectations using the smartboard and document camera...

Then we let the kids get to work. They were engaged and did a great job! Thanks Reagan for sharing your resource:)

In reading, we are learning all about story structure (beginning, middle and end). We have completed some really great learning activities. I will take pictures tomorrow and post them in the near future. Have a great week!

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Hello Blogging World!
We know you are in shock that we actually have a post here on this little ol' blog. What can we say? We have been buried deep in back to school craziness.

Where are our Ohio teachers? 

You know what we are talking about. OTES (the new evaluation system) is looming, as well as a multitude of other acronymed items like SLOs, TGRG, RTI, IEP, ETR...and our favorite: RIP. Yes, you did see that last one correctly. RIP=Reading Improvement Plan (anyone who is not "on track" with their reading according to the state). Such an uplifting acronym...

We promise (teacher's honor) not to be so neglectful of this endeavor.
Can we make it up to you with a freebie?

As a part of the new state evaluation system, our lesson plans are required to have very specific information included. This editable template has fixed headings in each area, but you are able to type in your specific plans into each box.  We are using this format for reading, math and writing lesson plans. For guided reading lessons we are using our template for our guided reading groups you can find over at TpT

Just click on the picture for your free download. Please leave us some nice feedback if you chose to download:)
Happy Monday all!

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