Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Interactive Math Notebooks and more...

Do you use interactive notebooks in math or ELA? I have found them fascinating but never jumped on the bandwagon. To be honest, my reluctance to do so has been based on the fact that we teach an inclusion class where there are always a few kiddos who have OT needs.  It also means I have a large portion of the class that have difficulties following multi-step directions that include cutting, folding AND gluing. 
We have math binders already that we use for number of the day and problem of the day that we have used from the first day of school.
Today, after a great deal of thought and planning, I took the plunge and started interactive notebooks with our students today. For several days I perused TpT looking at options. I love the fact there were so many to chose from. Finally I decided on Melissa Shutler's Math Bundle for Grade 2. This pack included the interactive notebook pages as well a great problem of the day pack.

To prep for today, I cut out all of the items ahead of time. I also folded the flap portions for some of my special needs students who needed help. It was amazing to see how engaged they were and they liked the freedom of coming up with their own examples. Here are a couple pics of them in action:

I am also throwing in a few ELA pictures from this week. We are working on identifying story structure using beginning, middle and end. We also continue to work on schema and making connections.
This week we read:
Then students made text to text connections:

Have a great end of the week!
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