Thursday, May 30, 2013

I just wanted to drop a quick post about end of the year student gifts, as well as new projects on the horizon.  I spent several days trying to decide what to give my students. I scoured blogs and pinterest for inspiration.  I decided against candy, since my students usually send in treats for every single special day (and some not-so-special ones).  I decided against books since I had enough Scholastic points to get each student two different books before the winter break.  I felt like I wanted something fun that would also allow for academic practice. What I ended up with was a math dice game pack, pieced together from a couple different places.

I started at The Math Coach's Corner, with a cute (and FREE) math games with a pair of dice booklet. I love this woman's blog-so many great math ideas! I also ended up printing the math games with a deck of cards booklet to send with my students as "summer work."

Next, I made a trip to the dollar store, 50 dice for 5 bucks! :)

Then I used a super cute bag topper that I printed from Hello Cuteness. All you have to do is like her facebook page and download.

I put these all together and came up with these. I plan to hand them out to the students tomorrow.  Hopefully it will help my kiddos keep up with some of their math skills while having fun this summer!
*Note- you will need to use quart size baggies for the booklet to fit.
It won't zip entirely, but there is enough space to staple the bag topper to secure the dice.

So, as many of you probably are doing, I am thinking about next year, even as I wrap up the end of this one. We have a lot of changes next year with more freedom to design lessons that we have had in the recent past (no more strict adherence to Reading Street and Everyday Math)! I am looking forward to a return to Daily 5, Debbie Miller, Marilyn Burns, etc. Additionally, I am piloting a new RTI intervention in the fall. Trying not to be overwhelmed! :)

Have a good evening!
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